Welcome to Greenside


Dear Greenside Families & Friends,

To ensure we are fully compliant with track and trace, it is important that Greenside Primary School is informed if a pupil is diagnosed with Covid within 48 hours after we have closed for half term.  This will enable us to contact parents of children in the relevant bubble to ensure they self isolate.  Please note we only need to be informed if a pupil has tested positive, not if they are self isolating if they have come into contact with someone else who has tested positive.   

To inform the school please ring the following number 07498 758382 and speak to Robin Yeats. Please note this is only relevant up until and including Sunday 25th October

  • If your child tests positive after that date please email the school office. 

I am delighted to welcome you to our Greenside website at this strange moment in world history.

If you are a current parent/carer we hope all the ‘behind the scene’ information you need to support your daughter/ son in their day-to-day life at Greenside is all here to help. We hope you will also enjoy reading about and sharing some of our successes and learning about some of the exciting things we do at Greenside that make us creative, innovative and rather special! We offer a special ‘welcome’ to our new Nursery and Reception families as you all begin your Greenside journey.
Please remember to check out our You Tube link too to view many of our recent film experiences.

Our Teachers & Support Staff will be back on Tuesday 1st September and then we are delighted to welcome back all of our students on Wednesday 2nd September.

We are very excited about returning and looking at new, creative and innovative ways to keep the ‘spirit’ of Greenside alive during this Covid period and ensuring we are all as safe as possible. Please click here if you would like the current guidance on Covid-19.

We will be operating in ‘Bubbles’ for the time being and ensuring we build upon all the fab learning that happened in the autumn and spring term last year and some of those magical Home Learning moments too. We are grateful to all our families for helping us to maintain all our safety guidance and appreciate how frustrating it is that we cannot invite any adults or visitors onsite at this point in time – this is to protect everyone! Please keep in touch with us via email and phone and look out for our Leadership Group, Office Staff and Support staff who will be at the gates each morning and evening to catch up with everyone.

Let’s all hope our PSA events and Tea & cakes will all be able to begin again soon – we have missed these so much!

This September we are beginning the Greenside Year of Colour and throughout 2020-2021 we will be exploring films in black and white and colour and so many different aspects of ‘colour’ – it promises to be challenging and thought provoking. We hope to write and perform an original musical in the summer term (we are hopeful we will be ‘free’ to do this by next summer!) and our year will begin on 2nd Sept when Kermit arrives at Greenside to show how amazing it is to be green. We have some extraordinary films to study, books to read that will take us all to a world beyond our imagination and we’ll be taking a walk across Europe with Little Amal and Good Chance that will open us so many experiences for us all.

Our curriculum will continue to be based on our Experiential Learning Model – ensuring our students engage, contribute and articulate their learning and practice their skills and knowledge within every Learning Experience.

We will support everyone to ‘catch up’ with any learning from last year and introduce them to new and exciting concepts and skills. We will work hard to make sure our students are happy, having fun and enjoying the mantra that ‘learning is everything and everything is learning’. At Greenside we ensure all of our students are World Ready & Test Ready – meaning they are ready for every kind of ‘test’ alongside the Government Key Stage tests & screenings (Phonics and Multiplication). Simultaneously we have high expectations of everyone to be leaders and grow as confident beautiful young people with a strong understanding of SMSC issues and their kindness shines at Greenside and beyond as they help make the world a better place. It promises to be a fun and action-packed autumn term that’s for sure!

If you are a prospective parent/ carer, Teacher or visitor exploring our website, we hope you enjoy reading about our learning and exploring our pages. If you would like to learn or hear more please contact us via the office: and we look forward to inviting you to visit once we are all ‘back to normal’.

Wishing everyone a wonderful academic year ahead.

Karen Bastick-Styles – Executive Head (Greenside & Griffin)

Kermit comes to Greenside