Welcome to Greenside


Dear Greenside Friends and Families

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the summer term 2018 here at Greenside.

Last term we had such fun in the springtime snow exploring scientific hypothesis and asking ‘big questions’ in our STAR days film and text analysis.

We return with the sunshine and we are now getting ready for our journey Into the Green-Screen and Into the Green-Stage – we will be forming a theatre company and look forward to revealing our Greenside production for the end of term. It is also nearing the moment when we unveil the Y6 Leaver’s Play for 2018 – our students have been making all kinds of suggestions for a while now, but in true Greenside tradition the choice remains under wraps until after Test week!

This half term will see our Y2 and Y6 students busily revising and working so hard to achieve their very best in their end of Key Stage tests. All our best wishes will be with these young people as they approach the tests – they have already made us proud of their attitude, commitment and resilience – as Robin Yeats would say – ‘Go Greenside!’

On Tuesday 27th March, two days before the end of term we received a visit from Ofsted.

We had a one-day Inspection with just one Inspector. At this moment in time we await our report.

We were super proud of our students and staff who showed us all off in a fab way – inimitably  Greenside but with kindness and strong learning throughout.

We are also looking forward to more adventures with our Federation partners. Y6 students spend a day together in March at a GGL Maths Conference and they are now planning a post-test celebration picnic together and our GGL Student Voice Group have been busy planning Arts competitions to inspire us this half term – ‘Go GGL too!’

During the busy end to the spring term our super Greenside students remembered to design, make and deliver a Birthday card to The Elliot Foundation Head Office to commemorate our 3rd Birthday of being a proud TEF member! During that time we have enjoyed working with other academies and students and being part of a group determined to make education better! Happy Birthday Greenside!

For those of you reading this letter who do not have a family member at Greenside we urge you to take a look at our website, to read our Newsletters – these give a flavor of the exciting opportunities and outcomes for all our students form Nursery through to Y6.

Of course, it’s even better in real life so if you would like to find out anything more about Greenside we recommend that you come and visit us when we are in session. To book an appointment please phone or email our Office.

We look forward to working with all our parents/ carers over the next 13 school weeks (it’s then the summer holiday!) and to sharing our Learning Experiences along the way.

With best wishes

Karen Bastick-Styles – Executive Head