Welcome to Greenside


Dear Friends of Greenside

What an extraordinary academic year it has been! 

We began the ‘Year of Changing Places’ back in Sept ’19 but with no idea that this would mean quite literally moving between Greenside and Home Learning and back again!


As I write this message, we are about to enter the official ‘Summer Holidays’!

Here at Greenside we break up at 3.30pm on Friday 17th July.


To all our families may we say a huge ‘thank you’ for your support and patience since March and more importantly for being such amazing people in facilitating your daughter/ son’s Home Learning.

The last few months of virtual learning have been enlightening, joyful and at times, technically frustrating, but overwhelmingly so positive because of the partnership between our staff and you at home – so thank you!

So far only one parent/ carer is wanting to become a Teacher but I’m sure many of you are considering such a change of career still!


Please note between Monday 20th July and Tuesday 1st September if you have any urgent questions I can be contacted at

Our Safeguarding contacts and Leadership rota can be found on the Safeguarding & E-safety page where you can also find various support links including to The Elliot Foundation.


We are so hopeful that we will all be back at Greenside on Wednesday 2nd September and this will be the 1st day of the new term for our ‘old’ Nursery students returning to Nursery and for our ‘old’ Nursery students who are moving into Reception and for all students in Y1 – Y6.


May I remind families that we will email them during the penultimate or last week of the holiday to confirm the start times and to give them any additional information about our return. This is so that we can review everything at the end of August in response to any potential Covid-19 changes locally, in London or in England.


We wish all our students, families and community a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday 2nd September 2020!

With love


Karen Bastick-Styles (Executive Head)