Welcome to Greenside


Dear Readers and Visitors

Whether you are a Greenside (or GGL) student, parent/ carer, member of staff or someone interested in our Film Factory may I offer you a warm welcome to our website.

It’s September 2018 and we are all set at Greenside to begin a new academic year and the next exciting stage of our adventure.

Three years ago we began to ‘break boundaries’; ‘flip the learning’ and explore how we could learn in the most creative and innovative way; allowing our students opportunities to lead, become global citizens and develop real independence so that they engage with every moment of life at Greenside: ‘Learning is Everything & Everything is Learning’. Our Film Factory model evolved; our holistic, linked up learning approach with film texts at the heart has since then changed direction with different students and cohorts bringing new ideas, different teachers contributing their unique skills and simultaneously we have focused on improving English & Maths (STEM) attainment through our exciting curriculum.

We love our 8-year learning journey, our Specialism programme and the World Ready way our students learn. We love taking risks, developing new pedagogical approaches and trying new things.

In April 2018 we had a one-day short Inspection and we were delighted that the Inspector recognized the value of our creative curriculum and the importance we place on the SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual & Moral) work at Greenside – she thought our students were wonderful & we certainly agree!

In the 3 years since we started our Film Factory our Y6 English & Maths matched test results have improved from 66% to 90% – a very proud achievement for our students!

This year we will ensure everyone of our new Y6 class makes the best progress they can and achieve a little more than they ever thought they could.

We also enjoyed a fab 1st year as part of the GGL Federation (Greenside, Griffin & Lena Gardens).

Being part of the Federation allowed our students & staff the opportunity to work & learn together and to participate in such joint ventures as an Y6 Maths Conference, a Dance Festival and shared e-learning projects. We are looking forward to being part a ‘bigger’ GGL and TEF community this year and building on our 1st year to benefit every member of staff and student. For our Teachers working within the Federation brings so many possibilities and opportunities.

We are proud of the links Greenside & GGL have with the charity Good Chance; the fundraising and involvement our students have had with the creative projects is impressive and this term they will be involved in many projects from quilt making, performances and sponsored events to help refugees.

And so….we begin another year, if you are already a member of our Greenside and GGL community please take some time to look at our STAR Day plans or simply enjoy the information and successes of our student s in our Newsletters. If you would like to visit us then do email to make an appointment – we love hosting visitors and would love to show you Greenside any time!

Last September our Executive Head Girl, Ella (Y6) was commissioned to make a film about Greenside, she filmed 1 second each day to celebrate life at Greenside. We hope you will spend a delightful 5 minutes watching this – it captures the heart and spirit of Greenside.

With best wishes for the autumn term.

Karen Bastick-Styles (Executive Head) GGL – Greenside, Griffin & Lena Gardens.