Welcome to Greenside School


Dear Friends of Greenside

Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year here at Greenside!

We hope you will enjoy your web-site experience today and leave us with an understanding and flavor of the joy that makes our ‘Film Factory’ such an exciting and interesting place to learn.

We begin this year as key partners in a brand new 3-Academy Federation with two local schools.

Greenside, Griffin and Lena Gardens are now working together (GGL Federation) to make the experience of all our communities even better. Each will maintain their unique and very different identity but together we will continue the recent Greenside ‘World Ready and Test Ready’ way of learning and anything that we can do better together we will do!

Here at Greenside we are set to begin the 3rd year of our Experiential Learning Model, learning about Film, through Film and by making Films. In this day of rapid technological advances it’s a great way to experiment and learn. Our texts and learning experiences are challenging, our students pride themselves on developing their curiosity and thinking powers to be young leaders and confident citizens.

In the autumn term this year our STAR Days (Students as Researchers) we will be studying films that feature interesting or extraordinary places – our screening of Yellow Submarine will propel us in to Murder on the Orient Express, The Secret Garden, Paddington and Lord of the Rings and many more. On our Film Crew Days we will apply our skills and knowledge as we explore the Continents and create installations and Film Shorts. Our Y5 and Y6 students will perform Metamorphosis with a Brechtian feel and our younger students will perform pieces set in wild and wonderful places.

We are so fortunate to have such positive, engaged and curious students, they thrive on exciting learning opportunities and live by our saying that ‘Learning is Everything and Everything is Learning’. We are also proud of how kind they are and this is currently exhibited in our charity work. This is linked to our new Greenside Specialism Award when our students study a range of short courses developing their life skills as they become increasingly World ready.

Our Test results in 2017 were ‘outstanding’ in every key stage and we urge you to take a look in more detail. We strongly believe that the way we learn contributes to our students’ ability to do their best in tests and to make amazing progress. They are becoming more ‘Test Ready’ every year.

Our adults are inspired learners in their own right – whether that be learning a hobby – Dance, Spanish and Cooking are on our current list of evening ventures, an MA or PHD in education or an EYFS certificate, the thirst for knowledge and love of learning makes us a happy community and a fun place to be. Being part of The Elliot Foundation is a key part of our identity and the work we do too.

We hope you are able to find everything you need to know on our website including our STAR Day Learning Plans, our Pupil Premium and Sports Impact Report and statutory policies.

We always welcome visitors to come along and meet our students and staff and to see us during our learning – please feel free to contact us via e-mail if you would like to see Greenside in action!

Best wishes

Karen Bastick-Styles – Executive Head – Greenside (GGL) and Robin Yeats – Head of School

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