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Our School Dog

'Pupils are safe and feel happy. They speak with great fondness, and look forward to seeing the new school community dog Monty.'  Ofsted 2023 

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Monty and I am Greenside’s School Dog. You will find me in Ms Iontton’s office, but I do like to get around the school and see the children at break and lunch times. Occasionally you might find me in a lesson. I especially enjoy joining the EYFS children while they are playing. If you want to come and say hello, I am always at one of the gates at drop off and pick up. I would love to meet you and, if you’re lucky, I might even do a trick for you! 

My main job is to look after any child or teacher who is feeling a little worried, upset, angry, or you might just want to spend some time together.

I am a great listener and I will help you calm down. If you want to get moving, then we can go to the playground while you play ball with me (I love this) or if you want some quiet time, I will lay down next to you while you brush my fur (it makes me look great). We can go into the garden and look at the flowers together, or we can just relax while you read or talk to me. Lots of children and adults come and spend time with me and we both feel lots better after a little visit.

Many of the children come and say hello or give me a belly rub (MY FAVOURITE THING) but I do understand that some children might be a little scared of me. That is okay! I have worked with lots of children who found me scary and many of them now love to come and say hello, but there is never any pressure to. If you don’t want to see me, just let my human (Ms Iontton) know and I will make sure I keep my eye out for you. Don’t forget, at Greenside we want everyone to feel happy and safe, so I don’t mind if you don’t want to say hi. 

Some children and adults are allergic to me and my fur. I am very sorry about this! I would love to come and cuddle you, but I won't. You just need to tell Ms Iontton and I won't come into your classroom or space. This way, you can stay healthy. When children spend time with me, they wash their hands just to make sure they are not getting my fur all around the school. 

I know that sometimes school can be hard, and sometimes we might not be ready to learn, so come and see me and I will help you get back into your ‘Green zone’ and I’ll even walk you back to class when you are ready!

I can’t wait to meet you, 

Love Monty