E-safety @ Greenside

At Greenside we share a philosophy that ICT is an essential part of learning and life. We strive to inspire, nurture and challenge our students to become safe, confident and creative users of technology.

We continually develop ways to enhance and enrich learning opportunities within our experiential learning model. Students and staff develop their love for digital learning and see the relevance and application of technology through all aspects of our work.

As a school with a wide multicultural community, we believe that technology is the perfect way to ensure clear, accessible and informative communication with all our stakeholders.

Developing safe and responsible users of technology both within and beyond our school is the responsibility of us all and ensures our students become resilient, critical thinkers and leaders who achieve more than they thought possible.

With technology such an integrated part of all our lives from a younger and younger age, it is crucial that we nurture learners who are prepared for the use of technology in the real world and who understand how to both enjoy it and protect themselves.

Our school leaders have all completed the Keeping Children Safe Online (KCSO) training to ensure that we have a real strength of knowledge across the whole school.